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Board of Directors

Executive Committee, 2016–2017

Denise Leddon, President
Marcia Stimatz Elchesen, Vice President
Carol Boster, Secretary
Ursula Goldstein, Treasurer
Beth Wilson, Officer-at-Large

Board Members, 2016–2017


Lynda Alvarez
Carol Boster
Marcia S. Elchesen
Alan Frank
Ursula Goldstein

David Greiner
Nick James
Jean King
Denise Leddon
Jutta Massoud

Jacqueline McBride
Virginia McFann
Lynn Seppala
Clark Streeter
Linda Tinney

Ron White
Beth Wilson
Min Xu

Juliana Zolynas

As required by the bylaws of the Livermore-Amador Symphony Association, about half of the directors are members of the orchestra and about half are not. The president of the Symphony Guild is a director ex officio. Other directors serve three-year terms, and officers are elected by the board to one-year terms.

The LAS fiscal year begins on July 1. An annual general meeting at which directors are elected is held in the middle of an orchestra rehearsal in April—while the orchestra has a break, that is!

The executive committee normally meets in the evening on the 2nd Monday of each month, and the full board normally meets in the evening on the 4th Monday of the months of August through May (but not in December).

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