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New season: Have a look at the 2014–2015 season preview flyer advertising our next concert season. Or see part of the season brochure (1.2MB pdf).

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Community—a message from Lara Webber: As I prepare to become your music director, I have been giving a lot of thought to the concept of community. For me, music IS community. Most of my life, I have been surrounded by musicians; in my own family, friendships, and working life. Broadly speaking, music itself is a communal experience. Music has the unique capacity to connect us, tap into our collective imagination, and transcend perceived barriers between people. Certainly, as orchestral musicians, we are connected through the experience of playing the repertoire itself. We bring it to life through our collaborative effort. Without us, this great music only exists as an abstraction on the page and has no life. When we use that page as a map, and navigate forward through musical terrain together—we create another community: a shared experience for ourselves and connection to the composer. We become storytellers. The extraordinary opportunity to share that experience with our listening audiences through performance allows us to collaborate with THEM, in real time, and music moves us all forward together.

Our society is hungry for real connections between people, for a sense of community. This is what music is all about. This is what we create for our listeners, and ourselves, as a community orchestra.

Lara Webber, July 2014

LAS Pops flyer SOLD OUT Pops concert on October 24: We celebrate the 200th anniversary of “The Star Spangled Banner” at the Pops concert on Friday October 24. See details on the Pops page. Tickets are no longer available: The concert is sold out.
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Competition for Young Musicians on October 26: Soloists for the February 2015 concert will be selected this fall. See details on the Competition for Young Musicians page or on the Competition for Young Musicians flyer (264K pdf).
Recent concerts: Watch videos of the August 9 concert of the Livermore-Amador Symphony Youth Orchestra on YouTube; and read the LASYO concert program. See photos from the May concert, featuring Art Barnes with the orchestra and the Stanford Band. Read the May 17 “Five Dedicated Decades” concert program insert, including program notes (548K pdf), and listen to the prelude lecture (49MB mp3) by Arthur P. Barnes and Peter Curzon. (The program insert has no mention of the band and its surprise appearance to kick off the concert!)
Fran Replogle, 1935–2014: Well known as co-founder of Fenestra Winery with her husband, Lanny, Fran Replogle was also a music lover. Fran died in April, at age 78. A memorial page on the Fenestra website thoughtfully suggests that donations in Fran’s honor be made to LAS. Fran and Lanny are longtime friends of LAS director emeritus Art and Helene Barnes: Helene was a horn teacher of Fran’s son Steven, who later played horn in the Minnesota Orchestra; and Art conducted Fran’s sister and brother-in-law in a church choir during the 1960s and ’70s! Kasameyer music stickers

Kasameyer fund in use: Donations to LAS in memory of Paul Kasameyer are deposited into a special music library fund. Thanks to purchases made using part of the fund, orchestra members can already pick up music for the December 2014 concert.

Symphony Notes: Read the May 2014 edition of Symphony Notes (714KB pdf), the newsletter published by the Symphony Guild.

Music director transition: Dr. Arthur P. Barnes retired as music director on May 17 and became music director emeritus after 50 (yes, fifty!) seasons as music director and conductor of the Livermore-Amador Symphony. Lara Webber became the new LAS music director. She is under contract to conduct LAS during the 2014–2015 and 2015–2016 seasons. See LAS press releases.
String players needed: Our community-based orchestra has given much pleasure to audiences and players alike for many years. It has provided volunteer players of varying ages and abilities with the chance to learn new skills and to enjoy playing with a congenial group. We are always interested in finding new players, particularly those in the string section. Cellos and violas are in special demand! Join the orchestra.
Orchestra members: See details on the rehearsals page. Oct. 28—sectional rehearsals at East Ave. Nov. 11—rehearsal at Bothwell Arts Center; bring music stands. All players should fill out a musician information form. (For some restricted info which was updated 5/23/14, click here.)

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