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Lachner Octet
The Lachner Octet (Barbara Brown, flute;
Eva Langfeldt, oboe; Christy Diggins and
Cyndy Salmon, clarinet; Michael Garvey
and Katie Brunner, bassoon; and
Bob Satterford and Dave Lyons, horn)
played at the luncheon meeting on 5/15/19.
Melody Chen
David Davisson
Julio Friedmann
Melody Chen played part of a Bach sonata,
David Davisson played a variety of flute pieces,
Julio Friedmann played Brahms and Copland,
all at the Winter Meeting on 1/17/19.
Sipping with the Symphony flyer

Symphony Notes

Read the May 2019 edition of Symphony Notes (669KB pdf), the newsletter published by the Guild.


The Guild is the highly dedicated support group and fund-raising branch of the symphony; it has been a (large, active!) auxiliary of the Symphony Association since 1963. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in the Livermore-Amador Symphony and to provide financial support. Membership is open to all who share this goal.

host Nan Davies with brownies April 2015
Nan Davies as host.


The Guild meets four times a year (and its board meets about ten times a year); each meeting includes music and food in addition to a short business meeting. The first meeting each season is a prelude party in September, usually with a program by Valley Dance Theatre; other meetings are usually in January, April, and May.


Fort Point, April 2016
Linda Tinney, then Guild President (at left),
with Music Director Lara Webber
while showing a bit of San Francisco to
cello soloist Austin Huntington on 4/6/16.
making dreamcatchers for Pops
Guild members crafted dreamcatchers
to use for Pops decorations in October 2015.

The Guild’s activities are varied; for example, the Guild handles the annual season-ticket campaign of the Symphony, presents pops concerts, publishes a newsletter, organizes estate sales, and provides refreshments at the Association’s annual general meeting. In September 2017, the Guild raised hundreds of dollars at a late afternoon / evening event at Page Mill Winery, “Sipping with the Symphony” — featuring music performed by chamber groups of LAS orchestra members; another Sipping event at Page Mill took place in May 2018, and a third is scheduled for September 26, 2019. The Guild also raised several hundred dollars through Patxi’s Pizza in Livermore in 2018.

The current LAS Guild bylaws (89K pdf) went into effect on July 1, 2016.

Join the Guild!

Membership types: Active members ($20/year) participate in all Guild activities; Associate members ($35/year) participate in at least one activity; and Friends ($50/year) are informed about Guild activities but not required to help.

To join the Guild, send your contact info (name / address / phone(s) / e-mail) and a check payable to LAS Guild to the Membership Chair, LAS Guild, PO Box 1049, Livermore CA 94551. Note any areas you’d be especially interested in helping with. Or print and fill out an application form and mail it in with your check.

Adobe Reader icon Note: The application form is a pdf document; open it with Adobe Reader.

For more information, please email Guild President Kathy Streeter at or phone her at 925.447.8924 (home) or 925.683.1615 (cell).

2019–2020 Guild Officers

Kathy Streeter, President
Joan Green, Vice-President
Marcia Stimatz Elchesen, Recording Secretary
Joan Dickinson, Treasurer
Nancy McKenzie, Immediate Past President

2018–2019 Guild Members
The 2019–2020 list will be posted in autumn 2019.


Dona Blackmore
Vanna Born
Joyce Brown
Leona Brush
Peggy Burdick
Patricia Burnett
Ginger Bytnar
Evangeline Cadrecha
Bob and Patty Canning
Sandy Clark
Dorothy Clarkson
Adela Cook
Carol Counts
Nan Davies
Joan Dickinson
Judy Eckart
Marcia Elchesen
Wendy Ellison-Rosenkilde
Alan Frank
Patricia Fredericks
Nancy Fritsch

Janet Gabrielson
Irma Giannotti
Joan Green
Jon Hart and Carol Wahrer
Dick Hatfield
Muriel Haupt
Sandra Hodzic
Valarie Huff
Mary Jestice
Mary Ann Johnston
Marion Jones
Jean King
Mary Kroesen
Denise Leddon
Leota Lee
Sandy Lenoski
Anne Lindl
Pat Mann
Eva Marion
Sally Marone
Lou Anne Martin

Virginia McFann
Nancy McKenzie
Judy McMurry
Linda Miller
Helen Moore
Barbara Morrison
Sharron Morrison
Joan Mumma
Carole Murray
Janice Paquette
Cherie Jo Patenaude
Cherry Patterson
Martha Peterson
Marguerite Platt
Sue Rabe
Marie Ross
Marie Ruzicka
Carlotta Schauer
Sonja Schlapfer
Tania Selden
Lynn Seppala

Sonya Sheffield
Joie Spooner
John Stein
Kathy Streeter
Sally Swanson
Naomi (Nickie) Thomas
Linda Tinney
Naomi Webster
PJ Wells
Sarah Wharton
Patricia Wheeler
Anne White
Ayn Wieskamp
Bob Williams
Pat Wintemute

Honorary Members
Dr. Arthur and Helene Barnes
Bev Eckley
Bev Hamlin
Maudie Kuenning

2018–2019 Guild Directory

The most recent Guild address / phone directory (487KB pdf) is password-protected.

Changed since print publication date of 10/25/18: Joyce Brown added 2/13/19, Pat Burnett died (Dec. 2018), Evangeline Cadrecha added 3/18/19, honorary member Bev Eckley died (Feb. 2019), Sandra Hodzic added 1/10/19, new e-mail address for Mary Ann Johnston posted 1/26/19, Marion Jones added 1/10/19, e-mail address of Sandi Lenoski corrected 11/17/18, e-mail of Carole Murray deleted 12/20/18, new phone no. for Cherry Patterson posted 12/20/18, new e-mail address for Sonya Sheffield posted 3/20/19, PJ Wells added 1/10/19, Sarah Wharton added 1/15/19.

Symphony Notes, Past Issues

In addition to the May 2019 edition of Symphony Notes (669KB pdf), these past issues of the Guild newsletter are also available: April 2019 (635KB pdf), February 2019 (2.3MB pdf), December 2018 (1.4MB pdf), May 2018 (1.8MB pdf), April 2018 (1.7MB pdf), February 2018 (1.4MB pdf), December 2017 (3.3MB pdf), May 2017 (3.2MB pdf), April 2017 (831KB pdf), February 2017 (819KB pdf), December 2016 (853KB pdf), May 2016 (1.1MB pdf), April 2016 (887KB pdf), February 2016 (849KB pdf), December 2015 (860KB pdf), May 2015 (3.1MB pdf), April 2015 (459KB pdf), February 2015 (1.6MB pdf), December 2014 (630KB pdf), May 2014 (714KB pdf), April 2014 (359KB pdf), February 2014 (2.6MB pdf), and December 2013 (370KB pdf).

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photo credits: Anne Coll (1/17/19), Joan Dickinson (10/2/15), Marcia Elchesen (5/15/19)
Sipping with the Symphony flyer designed by Sonya Sheffield
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