Ethan Platt Tribute

Our imaginary concert is past, but our tribute fundraiser continues.
Please honor Ethan Platt and LAS with your donation.

Ethan Platt Tribute flyer

Ethan Platt, age 100
Ethan Platt
at age 100
The Livermore-Amador Symphony Guild is proud to honor Ethan Allen Platt with a Tribute to his musical legacy. Ethan passed away in May 2020 at the age of 102, having lived a full and joyful life. He was the Charter President of the Livermore Symphony in 1963 to bring beautiful music to our Valley. Classical music was a passion for Ethan, and he enjoyed playing the clarinet with the Symphony for 20 years. During this period he also served as the Symphony’s general manager. He did this for his joy and love of music and wanted to share that love with the Livermore Community.

Ethan was also known for being the founder of the Livermore Woodwind Quintet that played through the ’60s and ’70s for many musical and social events of the era.

Ethan had a zest for life, enjoying to the fullest his music and contributions in his work career. The Livermore-Amador Symphony Guild wants to honor Ethan’s musical endeavors with an Imaginary Non-Concert (never mind that the concert date is past!) that will raise funds to buy sheet music for the Symphony which will be stamped with his name. The flyer for the event is available for your convenience (click on the top image above) with hopes that you will join the Guild with a donation recognizing Ethan Allen Platt’s contribution of bringing “the sound of music” to our Valley.

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